How Transformational Weight Loss Coaching Will Help You Release and Keep Weight Off

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Christine Lacedra RN BSN CWIC

Christine has a background in nursing, adult education and holistic health and wellness. She is a certified wellness inventory coach, and a lifestyle coach for weight loss and diabetes prevention.

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Christine has had personal experience with food addiction and has been successful in supporting women in losing weight, overcoming binge and food addictions as well as cravings.

She uses a whole-person, non-diet approach to weight loss and eating using internal motivation, mindfulness, nurturing loving-kindness toward self, developing skills for relaxing the stress response, managing difficult feelings, creating metabolic balance and clearing the root cause of cravings and emotional eating using neuroscience.

She has also authored a number of books including Reset Your Weight, Reset Your Life and Empowered Nature Meditations; A meditational journey for personal and planetary healing. She has presented to the general public, to primary care physician conferences and to nurses.

How to never struggle with weight again

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Welcome Dear Reader,

I’m glad you found my site. You want to know whether I can help you in your struggle with eating and weight.


As a conscientious, health-conscious and heart-centered woman, I know you have already tried many diets and different ways to lose weight.


Ongoing battles can be exhausting. They wear you down both physically and emotionally. Struggling with weight can affect every area of your life; relationships, health, your professional life, as well as your confidence in your ability to effect change.


What makes weight loss worse is our consumer-based culture continually feeds the mistaken belief that there is a magic diet out there. Even though you may still harbor a secret hope of a magic bullet (who doesn’t?) I know you already know from your own experience it’s not that simple.


Weight loss is not for the faint-hearted. It can be arduous. Let me be clear; the fact is you are on a hero’s journey.


You have won some battles but the war is still not over. It can feel like you are losing more ground than you are gaining. You wonder what will it take for this war to be over; to get to a place of peace where you can enjoy life without the nagging worry of how all this is affecting your health and overall happiness.

You want to know what makes me eligible to be your guide and coach.


Let me tell you about my journey.

I spent a lifetime believing that with just having a strong enough will, I could achieve anything including being able to 'eat right'. That belief cost me my health, my career and my happiness.



In other word’s I burned myself out.


I went from making six figures as a specialist nurse to nine dollars an hour for a few hours a week as an office temp.


In 2012 I saw a photo of myself and could no longer hide from the fact I was fat.  


After taking care of so many women who had had gastric bypasses only to eventually regain the weight they lost I decided I would not go down the dieting path. I did not want to have to suffer feeling deprived and guilty and getting any more obsessed with food than I already was.




I tried cutting down on sweets and high calorie foods. It was too difficult. I now understood just how much women struggle with weight and feeling deprived of all the good things that make life more pleasurable. I had become addicted to food.


Two years later I discovered I had pre-diabetes. Now motivated I still didn’t want to go on restrictive diets for the rest of my life. I began researching everything I could find about weight, eating, food addictions, metabolism and how to create healthy lasting habits without using willpower (I knew the willpower path only lead to failure and exhaustion).



What Others Say About Christine

"I know you are not a therapist but what you do is truly remarkable. I have gotten so much from working with you. You are very good at what you do and have a special gift. You have an amazing ability to get to the root of the problems"  - Marsha, Oregon

“Speaking with you yesterday was the highlight of my entire day. I had this incredible buzzing sensation in my body for hours after we spoke. I felt so safe sharing with you, that is such a gift “Nicha P. Virginia


“If you find yourself in need of help with your lifestyle to health direction, I would highly recommend Christine Lacedra’s assistance and her program for a successful approach to your own health needs. Don’t be overwhelmed instead find a professional like Christine to assist you to be successful with the most important thing we have – our health” -  Lyle M. Oregon


“I am incredibly grateful that I have had an opportunity to participate in Christine Lacedra’s Reset My Weight program.  Her guidance has changed my life. She has the ability to focus in on the root of a problem, guide you gently to an understanding of how it manifested, and nudge you toward a healthier path. I have learned to accept myself as I am and more importantly to love myself unconditionally. Those two changes have made a profound impact in all areas of my life. I am excited about my future and moving toward optimum physical and mental health.” - Nancy, Oregon


“Recently, I was able to go on a weeklong, out-of-state vacation and fully enjoy eating mostly nutritious foods in healthy portions, including a few desserts, while feeling completely satisfied and not gaining weight. This was truly a first in my life, and I credit the work I’ve been doing with Christine in the Reset My Weight Program to this successful event.”  - Sharon A, Oregon


"I want to thank you for you being you. Your methods of teaching are easy to grasp and I’m learning to be successful in my weight loss.   The big plus is I’m feeling much better, my outlook on life is improving and I have more energy. What more could I ask for. Thank you Christine for being there for us! " Your 13 pound loser, Margo Eastman

From all my research I began to see I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and my body. I had cravings, I binged on unhealthy foods and used food as an emotional support. No matter how much I ate I sometimes just didn't feel satisfied. I needed something more. The idea of giving up my comfort foods left me feeling depressed and hopeless.


I no longer liked my body. I had grown ashamed of it. I hid behind loose fitting clothes, continuously checking myself in the mirror, dreading buying clothes that would show my bulges and worst of all, I no longer let my husband see me naked.


I learned a lot. Eventually a picture began to emerge. I brought all my holistic and mainstream knowledge to how I could help release weight and my food addictions more easily and naturally.


One of the main things that turned my own life around was learning the value of being kinder and gentler with myself. Once this shifted, it opened the door for me to discover how to get to the heart of my own struggles and free myself from what was weighing me down.


Once I freed myself, I recalled a vow I made in a lucid dream many years ago in my early thirties.


Fly Free From Your Inner Prison

In this dream I was imprisoned along with many other women in a very dark and heavy place. Somehow in this dream, I found some flying shoes that helped me escape.


Before I left, I turned to the other imprisoned women and vowed I would return to help them escape after I found the secret of the shoes that helped me fly away.


It took me many years to discover the secret. Now I know how to dissolve the bars of the prison that prevent so many of us from being able to soar into our own freedom.


I want to share these with you.


Let me help you to reclaim your sense of personal power and happiness, to free yourself from what is holding your weight in place.


I can’t fix your weight problem with a magic pill but I can offer you a way to get to the heart of your unique situation and clear what is blocking you from achieving the success you so much desire. This is one of my gifts, the ability to unravel complex problems and pinpoint the root of what is holding everything in place.


Imagine how freeing it would feel to be able to embrace all of yourself; your wounds, your binges, your weight and most of all, your beautiful inner self.


My approach is based on my own healing where I learned that the only way to truly heal is to be able to bring warmth and kindness to those parts that are in conflict and that are hurting. It’s the only way your biochemistry will begin to shift to toward a deep, delicious let go where you can expand into your life and enjoy all of it.


With my empathic nature, you receive a kind, gentle, understanding and compassionate guide. Someone who has a traditional and holistic background as well as an intuitive nature.


Imagine being able to feel safe enough to share what is really going for you, to be yourself and know that someone really gets you. Who will not be shocked or critical, but supportive and understanding. I've been where you are now and I know you want gentle guidance and accepting encouragement. 


A Heart-felt Invitation

I would like to invite you to connect with me in a complementary 10-15 minute phone call where we can get to know each other a little better. This is not a sales call, its a 'get to know' each other where you can talk about what is going on for you around your eating and weight or just ask me a question or we can just chat as two women who have been on a similar path.  Here's the link to my calendar, find a time and day that works for you and lets connect. I look forward to chatting with you.


Christine Lacedra


Here's a fun testimonial...

“Reggie loves to join me at night for your recording.

Well, he is a very large cat. 18 pounds. Now, he is really long and tall and big. The vet said he could lose a pound or two.

Since joining me at night for your recording (process related to weight release) he has lost 1.5 pounds. So…Dr. Doolittle, you also have the magic touch for animals.”

– Marsha Oregon

Napping for stress related weight gain