Articles to make Weight Loss Easier

Reset Your Weight. Reset Your Life

Five Simple Holiday Eating Tips

The main way we celebrate the holidays is through eating. This can create a lot of stress if you are working with your eating and weight. Here’s some simple tips to help you be more prepared. You don’t have to deprive yourself in order to maintain self-control. 


How to Fix Boredom Eating

Emotional eating is one of the main causes of over-eating which leads to weight gain. The single most powerful tool that we need is something we always have at our disposal.

This video gives the example of boredom eating and includes a strategy that will help fill you up without having to use food.


How to love yourself in the midst of eating and weight struggles

Being able to accept ourselves as we are, is one of the keys to releasing weight and healing eating problems.
The more we struggle and fight with what is, the more our brains and our biochemistry fight back. The resistance to what is and the struggle to change prevents healing.

Many people struggle to be kind and accepting of themselves as they work with changing their eating.

This is why I created this video. It’s a simple guided exercise to help you generate the beginning feelings of loving kindness toward yourself.


Why am I still not losing weight?

Many times I see people wanting to release weight who are doing everything “right”, yet still have a hard time losing the extra pounds. Their weight won’t budge or worse they actually put weight on.

It can be frustrating and disheartening and not surprisingly, it makes you want to give up.

In this video two common culprits are covered and what you can do about them.


Lose Weight, Eat Healthy Without the Struggle

Losing weight, eating healthy, avoiding overeating and binge eating all imply a certain amount of effort and struggle. 

We expect it to be difficult. 

This expectation creates internal stress that makes the whole process unpleasant. Worse, the struggle compounds fat-storing in your body. 

This video touches on a subject rarely mentioned in weight loss plans, yet it makes everything so much easier, even enjoyable.