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The Most Effective Way to Deal with Emotional Eating

Emotional and comfort eating is one of the main causes of weight gain. It’s also where we tend to get derailed in our weight loss efforts. How do you handle the urge to eat to feel better? There is one way that I have found to be the most effective way to manage comfort eating. You can find out how in this video.


#1 reason why weight loss is so hard

Weight loss doesn’t have to be so hard. This video covers the reason why so many of us find it difficult to lose weight and what we can do about it.


How to stay motivated for weight loss…even when you want to give up

Discover how to stay motivated for weight loss even when you want to give up. This video takes you through a step by step process to connect you to a deeper source of personal power.


The Best Diet for Weight Loss

Which is the best diet for losing weight and why.


Spiritual Destinations Radio Interview


Creator of the Reset Solution Program is interviewed by Catherine Laub’s Spiritual Destinations Radio Show. This show is found on the Daily Success Media Network on iTunes where listeners can tune into to a variety of hosts who interview leaders, makers, givers and innovators and trendsetters who help you live a healthier, happier balanced life.



In this interview Christine and Catherine talk about the common challenges of weight loss, how the Reset Solution is different from other approaches and what needs to be in place to create sustainable weight loss.


This interview can also be found on the RHGTV network .