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Spiritual Destinations Radio Interview


Creator of the Reset Solution Program is interviewed by Catherine Laub’s Spiritual Destinations Radio Show. This show is found on the Daily Success Media Network on iTunes where listeners can tune into to a variety of hosts who interview leaders, makers, givers and innovators and trendsetters who help you live a healthier, happier balanced life.



In this interview Christine and Catherine talk about the common challenges of weight loss, how the Reset Solution is different from other approaches and what needs to be in place to create sustainable weight loss.


This interview can also be found on the RHGTV network .


Step into Your Power and Release Weight

Many of us want to lose weight and of course we want it to be permanent.


How many times have you started with good intentions only to taper off and revert back to old eating habits?


Or if you did lose weight, how painful to see the scales creeping back up again.


A permanent solution means shifting things in your life so they become new habits.


Following a diet or special exercise regimen rarely works.


In fact, 65% of dieters or people who follow a special diet revert to their starting weight within three years. If you’ve ever crash dieted, then the long term success rate is even worse – 5%.


How do you know if you are ready?

So what does it take? What is required of you? and how do you know if you are ready to make positive changes?


Better to answer these questions now than try yet one more attempt at weight loss and find that you drift back into old habits.


It’s really bad for your sense of personal power and efficacy. It sets up an expectation in the back of your mind that you will fail. It drains your energy so you have less enthusiasm to help keep you going when the going gets tough. Let’s face it, weight loss is no easy matter.


One of the telling signs that you are ripe for stepping into your power to shift things, is that feeling of ‘I’ve had enough, no more.”  When we hit that point, a sense of determination bubbles up from our power center in the solar plexus area.


We’ve all had that experience of being pushed too far. We push back. It’s automatic and comes from a place deep within us. That is your personal power rising.


Once your Personal Power Awakens What Then?

After a life time of being obsessed with personal development, healing and nutrition I eventually realized there are five areas that we need to address to ensure real lasting change. Miss any one of these and the chances of success are greatly diminished.

Essential Element #1

The first area is getting super clear about WHY weight loss is so important to you.


Many women who undertake weight loss programs are coming from a place of not liking their body, they feel bad about themselves, they judge themselves, and while this painful state may give them a lot of initial motivation, it won’t last.


If you think about it, taking care of your body is something we have to do until the day we die.


It’s just like cleaning your teeth, it’s not something we can do for a few days or months, we have to keep doing it.


There is a saying ‘what we care about, we will take care of’. How can we possibly take care of something if we have resentment and dislike for it? We won’t be able to keep it up.


So it’s important to begin to really care and value yourself and your body and find what will motivate you from a place of attraction and passion.


Essential Element #2

Another area we need to look at is to uncover and dissolve limiting beliefs and mental blocks that we have around food and weight.


One thing that I have noticed is there is invariably an emotional component to weight and our relationship with food. This is why most Weight Loss Programs tend to fail in the long-run. They just focus on what to eat and how much to exercise.


By clearing these self-limiting beliefs and rewiring the brain to have a more positive, and natural relationship with food and the body begins to release weight more naturally. Then you don’t have to use force and will power to change your eating habits.

Essential Element #3

The third area is to reset your metabolism so you no longer gain weight and the body is no longer resistant to releasing weight.


Essential Element #4

Although all the elements are essential, this next one many women will relate to. We need to break free from being controlled by food cravings and emotional over-eating.


If you have food cravings and tend toward emotional eating like binging or over-eating then you are not seeing food as just food, food is emotional support.


This needs to be addressed or it will sabotage your efforts when you are triggered.


 Essential Element #5

Lastly we need what all successful people have in common – A plan that includes monitoring and tracking.


Many of us don’t want to commit to a written action plan because it can bring up a lot of old stuff around doubting yourself and so called past failures.


Notice I use the word ‘so called’ past failures. The reality is every time we attempt weight loss we learn something new about ourselves.


Once we clear the emotional charge of failure and all the other emotions that go along with the disappointment such as sadness and anger, we can apply what we learnt and make the next go around easier.


The Ripple Effect

When you look at these five elements you can see their potential for shifting your life in a big way.


The things that are holding your weight in place are also diminishing many other areas of your life. By clearing these away, your life is naturally going to expand in a lot of other areas as well.


Are you ripe for change?

Would you like to find out your big WHY?


If your answer is a resounding Yes, then I would love to talk with you and help you dig deep to uncover the hidden well of personal power within you.


Discovering your big WHY will feed all your actions and help you to get moving forward in a big way.


Contact me here and I’ll send you my calendar.




Are you using ‘Brute Force’ to lose weight?

How many times have you decided to lose weight and your plan was ‘I’m going to try harder this time’ or ‘this time I am more committed’?


This is the ‘brute force’ or willpower approach. Willpower is only finite and not a viable way to reach any long-term goal like releasing weight.




Studies show willpower only lasts six months at the most. When we use will power or brute force we are attempting to overpower our subconscious mind with all its reasons as to why it doesn’t want to make the necessary changes to lose weight or why it thinks there are better ways to keep you safe.


In other word’s you are trying to fight something that is 60 times stronger and bigger than your conscious mind or willpower.


Ingrained patterns rarely yield to brute force


Something deeper within us needs to change, we either need to use some sort of leverage to get what is blocking us out of the way or better yet, dismantle the boulder.


Another way to look at how we usually approach weight loss is we focus on the symptom of excess weight. We rarely go deeper to uncover the root cause and then remove it. This is the cure approach to releasing weight. Cures last!


With Transformational Weight Loss Coaching, we don’t just come up with a coping strategy for cravings, emotional and stress eating or lack of discipline. We set out to dissolve the boulder so you don’t have to push against the often immovable force of your subconscious.


We explore what is driving the behaviors that lead to weight gain and slowed metabolism. We get to what causes you to function this way and shift it gently but firmly into a healthier pattern that will serve you and your weight.


Now imagine being able to choose healthier foods, eat in moderation, lose weight more easily and effectively so it’s as natural as breathing. Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air?


The dark side of excess weight


The same things that are getting in the way of your losing weight and not being able to follow a dietary approach is also affecting every area of your life.


These hidden blocks are not just affecting your weight and health but every part of your life.  They affect your relationships, not just with others but also and most heartbreakingly with yourself.


Often the kind of behaviors that lead to gaining weight also reflect how we treat ourselves.


It was shocking to me to realize a few years ago that the way I pushed myself and the amount of stress I put myself under was a reflection of how little regard and respect I had for myself. I didn’t actually know how to be kind to myself.


I would put my desire for efficiency and productivity above my needs. I had come a long way in learning not to set my needs to one side. But, when someone in my life was having an emergency or crisis there would be the pull to take care of them first and not do what I needed to keep myself in balance.


As my underlying beliefs and blocks are beginning to shift, as I get clearer about what I truly value in my life I am better able to do what I need and want to do to stay healthy and balanced. Now, being physically active, choosing healthier foods, taking time to meditate to reduce my stress and just plain nurturing and taking care of myself is a joy and not another ‘must do’ on my ‘to do’ list.


I’ve seen this transformation in many of my clients as well.  At some point it’s like the metaphoric light bulb goes off. They come to realize that they have not been treating themselves with the same consideration they give to everyone else in their lives. They realize they are no longer willing to treat themselves as second class. They actually want to take care of themselves and find they enjoy it.


When we truly get that we deserve self-care, we come to realize that it’s natural and normal to care for ourself. We are better prepared and energized to make the necessary changes in order to make our lives easier and to live with a sense of joy and satisfaction.



An Easy Way to Deal with Sugar Cravings


Sugar, we all love it.


It makes everything taste so much better. It’s one of life’s pleasures whether it’s in the form of baked goods, breads, pasta, candy, chocolate, ice-cream, pizza, wine or Pepsi.


The problem is we are hearing the message more and more about just how bad sugar is for our health.


Sugar and carbohydrate cravings make it extremely difficult to stick to a healthy diet – a key to losing weight.


Any sugar that’s not burnt up immediately by metabolism is stored as fat and we are often taking in far more sugar than the body can burn.


A recent study found that less than one in four people are able to stay on any given diet for just one year. How many times have you quit a diet or a new healthy eating program?


Recommended Daily Sugar Allowance

Most of us consume more sugar than is recommended for health: 25 grams a day for a woman, 37.5 grams for a man. Wow, that really seems unfair doesn’t it? In fact, at least half of us take in 56 teaspoons or 225g of sugar a day. This much sugar can literally kill us in the long run.


Too much sugar consumption makes our body chemistry acidic causing stress and fatigue. It sets the stage for excessive weight, diabetes type 2, heart disease, chronic fatigue, IBS and skin conditions.


The Effects of Sugar

Each time you ingest sugar, your pancreas releases insulin to balance your blood sugar. Too much sugar causes it to either release too much insulin or not enough. This can lead to high and low blood sugar levels.


With the constant stress on the pancreas to overproduce insulin, huge amounts of cortisol are also produced. Cortisol is known as our stress hormone and too much production of it can lead to inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes, some forms of cancer and most chronic diseases.


Over time the body’s adrenals can fatigued by having to produce so much cortisol. The adrenal glands get stressed to the point that they can no longer produce all the other hormones they are responsible for.


Another negative consequence of excess cortisol is the Phantom Famine Effect. The body thinks it’s in starvation mode when it’s in a flight or fight response and will not release weight, rather it puts weight on.


To lose weight its vital you stop stressing the body from too much sugar as well as too much chronic stress. Both produce cortisol and cortisol lays downs belly fat.


Trying to Give Up Sugar

When we try to give up sugar or just try to cut down, many of us are confronted with sugar cravings.


Part of our addiction to sugar comes from the fact that most foods have some sugar ingredient in one form or another. Or they have a lot of simple carbohydrates like white flour that rapidly turn into sugar in the body. Read the labels. You may discover that some foods have more than one form of sugar in them!


“I Don’t Have a Sugar Addiction or do I?”

If you are not sure if have a problem or addiction to a certain food, here’s one way to tell:


Think about your favorite food: chocolate, Pepsi, macaroni and cheese, pizza, potato chips, soda or some other food or drink.


Imagine how you would feel if someone told you, you could NEVER eat or drink it ever again.


How would you react? Would you panic? Would you get depressed at the idea of not having it in your life ever again? Would you feel like your life would be empty and not worth living?


What if you were hungry and went looking for a snack and discovered you didn’t have any of your comfort food in the house? Would you panic and feel a sense of urgency that you must run out to the store to get some right now?


How about when you have your favorite food or drink, do you actually taste it? Or, is it more about how fast can you get it into your system so it can work its magic?


Maybe you’ve never questioned or thought about how strong your attachment is or maybe you’ve just stopped thinking about it. Or maybe you’ve just given up on trying to quit. It’s too hard. After all, you get so much pleasure from it! What’s wrong with that? What’s the harm?


Some research studies are showing that sugar cravings can be just as powerful an addiction as many of the illegal drugs. No wonder we have such a hard time giving it up!


So how do you deal with something that has such a strong hold over you?


How to Kick Your Sugar Cravings?

The best way to deal with cravings is to use a two pronged approach. One of which is to use various foods to help curb your cravings and stabilize your blood sugar and brain chemistry.


You can find many articles online that tell you how to support yourself with cutting down on sugar. Here is an excellent overview of what foods to use to help you with this from Dr Axe.


The second way is to clear the underlying emotional drivers that make you reach for your favorite sugar source.


Cravings, Comfort Foods and Drinks

Many of us have come to subconsciously equate our favorite comfort food with the delivery of a powerful emotional reward.


Clearing these connections between sugar and/or simple carbohydrates (aka pizza, cake, potato chips etc) and feeling good will downgrade the drive from a craving to a weak desire.


Many people have been able to abolish their cravings altogether. In other word’s you will get your control back rather than have the craving control you.


My Chocolate Addiction Story

My life long addiction to chocolate gives a great example of how emotional connections can fuel an addictive craving. Using various mind-body processes i discovered one of the root of my intense cravings came from the one time I remember my father showing me affection. This event was coupled with giving me some Cadbury’s chocolate.


Subconsciously I began to associate the creamy, smooth texture of chocolate (Cadbury’s has always been my favorite) with love. What could be a more powerful pull than love. We all want love more than anything else in this world.


Chocolate also became a reward in that same instance, for having gone through the difficult experience as a child, of being in a hospital and having stitches for a cut on my head. Wow, that makes sense, whenever I would go through anything stressful as an adult I would reward myself with chocolate. It would help calm me down and give me a reward.


Clearing these emotional connections miraculously allowed me to taste chocolate as just chocolate without all the added emotional stuff that I wasn’t even aware of. Now I occasionally enjoy chocolate without the binging, craving and not being able to stop myself.


Clearing the emotional component of cravings makes it so much easier to choose healthier foods. You are no longer tied down by decades old addictions to breads, chocolate, pasta’s, cookies, soda’s etc.


The emotional component can make it extremely difficult to give up or cut down on unhealthy treats. This is why so many people can’t follow a diet for more than a few months let alone a year.


Using Willpower Dooms You to Failure

Trying to avoid our comfort foods using willpower never lasts. Our brain chemistry will make sure of that. When the same emotional stressors happen in our present life that remind us unconsciously of the good feelings we gained from our favorite foods we will automatically reach for them.


If you have tried to stop or cut down on certain foods and have not been able to, perhaps there is some emotion and past subconscious incidents driving the craving.


If you would like some help to uncover and remove these for good, I have put together a special Wipe Out Your Cravings Package. This is a mini two session package.


In just two sessions you will be well on your way to being craving free. You will:

  • Release your natural resistance to not wanting to give up such a strong pleasure source
  • Release the thoughts and feelings of being deprived without your favorite food
  • Get to the root of your craving and unhook what is holding it in place
  • Access your pleasure centers and turn on your body’s intelligence so you can receive pleasure from healthy foods
  • Be given a home protocol to break up the habit pattern just to be sure you don’t return to the food cravings out of habit.

This mini two session package will help you overcome the subconscious blocks that are holding your cravings in place and standing in the way of the body and weight that you dream of.


When you overcome food cravings you will have eradicated a major block to being able to stick to a healthy eating plan or specific diet. What is that worth to you?


The Wipe out Your Cravings Protocol  disconnects the body-mind pathway that keeps you locked into your particular food craving. What is it worth to regain your freedom and the ability to choose rather than be controlled by a food?


This Mini-Package is available for only $145. This is 25% off my regular price, a savings of $49!


You not only get the above benefits but you will also get two sixty to ninety minute recorded phone sessions so you can replay the sessions, a written protocol so you can anchor the new way of being deeply into your life.



As a bonus you will also get the eBook Reset Your Weight, Reset Your Life that covers the five essential elements needed to being successful with creating long-term weight loss.


Here is what some past clients have said about the specific protocol you will be going through.


“When I look at cookies now it’s just a cookie, it’s not love. It doesn’t have the same attraction for me. If people aren’t loving me I don’t need a cookie and expect it will bring me love.

My kryptonite was chocolate. Taking chocolate out of my life was like having my hand cut off. It doesn’t have the same power it had over me. Nancy K. Oregon


“What can I say, I’ve been struggling with a chocolate addiction my whole life. I was deeply ashamed of how I had no control over this and how I hid chocolate and binged in private. Now I am free of that pull. It’s like a miracle. It’s been more than nine months since the process and I now occasionally have chocolate and it’s no big deal. I no longer crave, binge or get into an addictive cycle. Wow!”  Christine M. UK


“I love the process you took me through for my chocolate cravings. My mind is clear around chocolate. I haven’t been thinking about chocolate and I’m even avoiding my afternoon piece of chocolate or ten”. Claire I. Florida


“I’m thinking more about nutrition versus ‘garbage’ food that I’ve been drawn to for so long”. Sharon A. Oregon


 “I no longer compulsively grab sweets when I am shopping for which I am grateful ” EC Oregon


This process has worked for a number of my clients and it could work for you, so don’t hesitate to take your first step toward food freedom. Contact me today by clicking HERE or buy your package right now.






Warning; if you’re using traditional weight loss techniques… Icebergs ahead

For decades now our culture has believed and continues to operate on the premise that decreasing calories and increasing activity will result in weight loss. Sometimes it does work, at least for a time but often it doesn’t, leaving millions of women and men frustrated and confused.


Simply eating different or less food is not the whole picture.


What is crazy is that most of us have experienced these diet cycles and know what the outcome will be.


We keep on doing the same thing because that is what so much of the media focuses on, telling us of a brand new more scientifically advanced diet that promises to melt away the fat pounds.


Something else is going on.


Here’s why this approach doesn’t work.

Your actual weight is only the tip of the iceberg.


Yes, you may have gained weight because of the food choices you may have made or because of the amount of food you’ve eaten but there is something deeper going on here.


If reducing food intake, making healthier choices and exercising more was all that was required you probably wouldn’t be reading this. You would have solved your problem and you would have moved on with your life.


Change is not that easy.

Below the tip of the iceberg, just below the surface there are a number of powerful forces affecting you, your body and your decisions.


Many times we feel powerless when confronted with a favorite treat or we’re unable to withstand the social pressure of everyone else eating pizza and cookies at a get-to-together.


These are the psychological and cultural forces that we may not be fully aware of. This is where our cultural norms influence us.


It’s anti-social not to eat what everyone else is eating. We don’t get to feel part of the group if we are eating differently to everyone else and drawing attention to ourselves.


The need to feel like we belong is hardwired into our brain to ensure our survival. That is a strong an instinct as getting air to breathe.

We may also have learned to suppress our feelings as a way of getting approval from our parents. We may have come to associate certain foods with good feelings so they become a substitute or an easy way to feel good, especially when we are feeling down or stressed.


I came to realize my strong cravings for chocolate were associated with the rare times I felt connected with my father. We learn to deal with stress and difficult feelings by using food to soothe ourselves and create the biochemical changes associated with relaxation. What a pleasurable way to relax and feel good again!


How have you learned to respond to stress?

Are you overly-responsible, obsessive-compulsive or do you use food as a form of control over yourself and others or do you just stuff feelings of boredom, guilt, shame, anxiety or anger with a spoon and the bottom of a food container.


At least 80% of people who want to lose weight have emotional issues with food. It’s so common we accept it as being normal. (even though it isn’t). Most of these emotional roots come from the way we grew up and most of us grew up in some sort of dysfunctional family. Food becomes intimately associated with our good and not so good emotions so every time we have strong feelings we tend to get triggered to think of and want certain foods.


A Deeper Look

Even deeper than this psychological and cultural level, we find another level that has the power to not only shift your relationship with food but every other aspect of your life – for the better. This level is what gives your life meaning, direction and purpose.


More and more studies are showing that having meaning and a sense of purpose in life ultimately determines whether the tip of your iceberg shows up as health and wellness or sub-optimal health and wellbeing.


In order to get out of the groove of an ingrained habit like over-eating, or choosing unhealthy foods like the feel-good processed foods, we have to dig deep into this level of our being.

Imagine being free from the emotional bonds of food and getting those satisfied, feel good experiences from other areas of your life. How much more free attention and energy would you have, not having to obsess about food or worry about the health risks of being over-weight.


To find out how the Reset Solution Program addresses these deeper layers for shifting your entire wellbeing toward greater happiness and balancing your metabolic hormones you can contact me and receive a high value, no obligation free consultation.


Find out if this comprehensive program is right for you. Contact me today and we’ll set up a time to chat about what you want and we’ll uncover which level of the iceberg you’re getting hung up in. Looking forward to getting to know you.