The Reset Solution

Reset Your Weight, Reset Your Life

Are you struggling with your weight?

Do you have a love - hate relationship with food, oscillating between craving it and despising it?

Do you secretly dislike yourself and your body because of its size and shape and because you eat foods you know you are not 'supposed' to eat?

Have you already tried to lose weight only to regain the pounds you worked so hard to lose?

Reset for long term weight loss


If you are looking for a solution that will get to the bottom of what is keeping all this angst and weight in place? Then read on...


The Reset Solution is a premium program that offers an effective solution with a high level of service and support.


If you are looking for a solution that will get to the bottom of what is keeping all this angst and weight in place? Then read on.


The Reset Solution is a premium program that offers an effective solution with a high level of service and support. It takes you step by step through the maze of hidden factors affecting weight. This is a comprehensive whole-person approach.


You want step-by-step guidance and hand holding to the promised land. Remember when people go for what they want, fear naturally comes up, so the hand-holding is super important. You don’t want to feel like you are in it alone. (Most people doing it alone don’t get what they want anyway)


You want someone to hold you accountable so you will keep going. No book, app or internet site will do this for you, it takes a human being.


You want someone to encourage you, raise you up when you feel down, inspire you and more importantly someone who sees and accepts you for who you really are. No judging here.


You want expert guidance of what to do next. Lack of clarity stops people.


You want it to be as easy as possible and to have some of the pieces done for you.


You want results faster than you know you can achieve on your own.

"I am incredibly grateful that I have had an opportunity to participate in Christine Lacedra's Reset My Weight program.  Her guidance has changed my life. She has the ability to focus in on the root of a problem, guide you gently to an understanding of how it manifested, and nudge you toward a healthier path. I have learned to accept myself as I am and more importantly to love myself unconditionally. Those two changes have made a profound impact in all areas of my life. I am excited about my future and moving toward optimum physical and mental health". Nancy, Oregon

Reset in a Nutshell

Reset Your Weight is about embracing all of yourself; your wounds, your binges, your weight and most of all, your beautiful inner self.

You learn to bring warmth and kindness to those parts that are in conflict and that are hurting, so your biochemistry can begin to shift from chronic stress, survival and holding to a deep, delicious let go where you can expand into your life and enjoy all of it.

The program is about uncovering your deeper purpose and bring your desire for weight loss and healing into alignment with this purpose. Then you will have the inspiration and drive to keep moving forward in your healing journey.

The program works by uncovering and gently clearing away the root causes of why you over eat, why you crave certain foods and why you choose unhealthy foods and then replacing these painful memories with new uplifting one that inspire you. It’s about developing more empowering coping mechanism to the inevitable stresses of life.

As your awareness grows along with the resolution of past hurts and gently shifting the old habit patterns that have been formed over the years, you will be begin to make healthier choices with a lot more ease and grace.

And the wonderful side-effect of all this heart-expanding healing is a more natural release of the weight that your body had been holding onto, in the mistaken belief it was needed for your survival.

Gain peace of mind by...

1. Tapping into your unique individual source of strength that will ensure your success

2. Uncovering and dissolving limiting beliefs and mental blocks to your long-term weight loss success

3. Reseting your metabolism so you no longer gain weight and are no longer weight loss resistant

4. Breaking free from being controlled by food cravings and emotional over-eating

5. Creating a long-term plan to ensure your new way of Being and Doing becomes part of your life.

A 5 Step System to Release and Keep Weight Off Naturally

This twelve to twenty four week program will empower you to explore your own unique relationship with food, your body and weight.


It will empower you to let go of shame and guilt and be with your body in a loving and respectful way.


There is no dieting, excessive workouts, supplements or restrictions that induce deprivation and cravings. The focus is on long-term success rather than quick results.


Using neuroscience, we uncover, gently release and rewire your brain so hidden self-limiting beliefs and old unprocessed feelings are no longer unconsciously sabotaging you.


We dissolve cravings and emotional eating so you have more control and peace around your eating patterns. We work to optimize your metabolism so you are naturally in a fat burning rather than a fat storing mode.


Many approaches to weight loss are doomed to fail because they don't take into account you as a unique, multi-faceted individual. Nor do they take into account the various elements involved in weight. The Reset Solution addresses five essential elements for successful, lasting weight loss.

The Reset Solution helps you to;

1. Keep clear and focused on your goal and direction

2. Master your mindset to overcome doubts and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

3. Upgrade your skills so you can carry out your plan with confidence and certainty. 

4. Strategize your actions, so you always know exactly what you need to be doing every week to achieve your goal.

5. Optimize your environment so there are fewer distractions. You can then achieve your goal more easily.

The 5 Missing Pieces for Lasting Transformation

access core inner strength for weight loss

STEP 1: ACCESS Core Inner Strength

The first success element lays the foundation for your future success. Here we tap into your unique individual source of strength. Without this all the other elements don’t really have a foot hold. Your unique individual source of strength creates the necessary fire, momentum and attraction toward your goal to keep you going over the long haul.

Here we use a process to bring your awareness to the deepest point of your motivation, the core truth of why you want change. From this place it’s easier to make the necessary changes.

The goal here is for you to be fully informed, clear and empowered with this knowledge.

Clear inner blocks for permanent weight loss

Step 2; CLEAR Inner Blocks
The second key is befriending your Body-mind. This element is about mastering your mindset and beginning to value and respect your body.


Your expectations, beliefs and thoughts about a situation has a powerful effect on your behavior and metabolism. You just need to think about the placebo effect in medical studies to see how potent our expectations can be. In a study that compared the effect of a new chemotherapy agent and an inert substance, 31% of the people receiving the placebo lost their hair. Just the expectation that hair will fall out can actually make our hair fall out - powerful!


Another aspect to befriending the body-mind is how we believe we need to lose weight in order to be happy, confident and be accepted by others. This is a not only a painful mindset but it also means that deep down we believe we are not good enough as we are. We are trying to motivate ourselves through fear and self-dislike which creates a chronic low grade physiological stress. This also further compounds the weight gain situation.


Learning to come from a place of kindness and acceptance will not only increase your chances of success but it will make your life a lot happier.

"This is a really good place to be, I've stopped badgering myself. I feel more integrated now. - Barbara Oregon

This is an inside-out approach.


For instance, if you value family and being a role-model to your children or grandchildren then this would be the vision that will help pull you toward your goal. This is a far more sustainable way of keeping going rather than using the fear and aversion most of us feel around excess weight.


NEXT you will get clear about what your particular obstacles are, as well as your core beliefs around losing weight, so they no longer have the power to sabotage your efforts.


We do another process where we discover the hidden roots of what is stopping you from achieving weight loss…and what is creating inner doubts about your ability to achieve this.

Once you achieve this clarity there will be no more wondering why you hold yourself back, why you're procrastinating or sabotaging yourself.


Reset metabolism for weight loss

Step 3; RESET Metabolism
Apart from exercising there are other ways to enhance your metabolism. Here we look at HOW you eat and WHEN you eat. Both can have a huge impact on your metabolism.


Eating under stress and eating fast creates the physiology that results in weight gain. In this module you learn how to naturally and easily de-activate the stress response so you are no longer in weight-gaining mode.


You also begin to eat in alignment with your body's internal metabolic clock so you burn the calories you take in more efficiently. You can eat a lot more doing it this way.


You will learn about the 80:20 guideline for eating and how you can still eat all those comfort foods you like without feeling guilty. This program is not about dieting, willpower and depriving yourself.

If you have a recurring thought and belief that 'food makes me fat' or 'I've tried to lose weight and I can't' think about what that is doing to your physiology, how its altering your internal chemistry toward weight gain. We need to get a handle on what is going on inside of our minds.


Because many of our beliefs are unconscious we use various processes to uncover what you are telling yourself on a subconscious level. Then we begin to unload all the emotional charge that is holding them in place.
Once that's cleared you can instill new, more empowering beliefs that assist you in your weight loss goal.


Step 4; DISSOLVE Cravings and Emotional Eating
This fourth key is a big piece for many people. We have so much guilt & shame about our lack of control around cravings & over-eating.


Our food addictions can make us panic with the possibility of taking away our favorite comfort foods. Let me put your cravings at ease, this is not about taking away your choices because this strategy doesn’t work, its one of the reasons why dieting doesn’t work.


This is about giving you your control back so you can choose from a place of calm rather than a place of desperation. You no longer need your favorite food in order to escape stress and as a way to relax yourself.


Dissolve cravings and emotional eating for weight loss

"I am surprised at how much less I choose to eat at one time and how much stress I have let go of and much I am slowing down and taking quiet time for myself. I am no longer compulsively grabbing sweets when I am shopping, for which I am grateful - EC Oregon

"What can I say, I've struggled with a chocolate addiction my whole life! I was so deeply ashamed of how I had no control over this and how I hid chocolate and binged in private. 

Now I am free from that pull. It's like a miracle. It's been more than nine months now since I did the process. I can occasionally have some chocolate and it's no big deal. I no longer crave it or get into an addictive cycle. Wow! CM UK

" I loved the process you took through for my chocolate cravings. My mind is clear around chocolate. I haven't been thinking about chocolate and I'm even avoiding my afternoon piece of chocolate or ten! - Claire Florida

Cravings can stem from a number of different causes. In the program we unravel the physical and psychological causes of your cravings. We will also reduce the craving themselves so you can choose whether you want to eat your comfort food or not.


A vital skill that you will learn in this program is how to access your body wisdom. By being able to tune into your body you will know when you are truly hunger, what you are hungry for and how much is just the right amount you actually need.

"Recently, I was able to go on a weeklong, out-of-state vacation and fully enjoy eating mostly nutritious foods in healthy portions, including a few desserts, while feeling completely satisfied and not gaining weight. This was truly a first in my life, and I credit the work I've been doing with Christine in the Reset My Weight Program to this successful event." Sharon A - Oregon

Plan for weight loss success

Step 5; PLAN for Success
The number one reason many people regain weight is because the changes they made were unsustainable. Most of us tend to adopt drastic measures in order to lose weight and these cannot be sustained in the long run. As soon as any big stress comes along we revert back to our old habits, the very same habits that helped create the weight gain in the first place.


In order to be truly successful you need to cultivate habits and skills that you can use on a daily basis for the rest of your life, just like cleaning our teeth. To make this doable, we start with small steps that you can easily integrate into your life. And from these small steps you build them into bigger ones that eventually have a huge impact on you and your weight.


This is where my program excels. To make sure you stay on track, to make sure you can implement the changes in a realistic way, I have built in ten to eleven private one-on-one coaching sessions that laser target your particular inner and external obstacles and challenges. This ensures you are able to implement the skills in your daily life. This means you are not left floundering with trying to implement the skills and changes. Many people give up when they hit a wall.


Following a structured program with specialized help, ensures you will break through that wall and move toward your goal.

In this module you learn about how to keep your energy levels and motivation up, how to deal with 'recycling' when you take a step back rather than beating yourself up or giving up altogether. How to create structures that support you over the long-term.


With the Reset Solution Program you will leave with some solid skills and habits in place.


               Is this Program Right for Me?


YES if…

YOU have tried different diets and nutritional systems and they haven't delivered.


YOU are ready for a fresh truly transformational, evidence-based mind-body approach that takes you, as a whole person into account. A program that does not rely on force, willpower and a great deal of time and energy and money. You are done with the conventional approach to weight loss.


YOU are a great starter but then your healthy intentions fizzle. Then it’s time to get steady support, accountability, and specific strategies on how to create sustainable, healthy habits.


YOU are stressed, too busy and have no idea how to take the time to focus on you.


YOU understand there are past emotional trauma's that are affecting your ability to make healthy choices and you know you need to gently clear these out in order to be able to move forward.

"For many years now I've believed that the right person comes into our lives at the right moment for what we need right now. I have such gratitude that Christine has come into my life at the precise moment I needed her most. Her coaching is helping me to heal decades old beliefs and patterns that have been holding me back. Each time we work together I am amazed at the relief I feel after our session and the new awareness I find about my body. I truly feel joyful and happy, full of endorphins that course through my body and lift me up. I am improving steadily and at the perfect pace for me. Thank you Christine, for the valuable work you're doing -- and all the lives you're touching with this beautiful healing. I appreciate you!! "- Marsha Oregon

I'm interested in the Reset My Weight program, but I'm worried it's too much (energy, money, time).

I totally relate to how that feels, especially when we have so much going on these days. It can all feel “just too much".


When we feel overwhelmed, our own needs are often the first thing to drop off the list. Even though we intellectually know that we need to put our oxygen mask on before helping others.


But that's usually not the answer because it doesn't solve the underlying cause of our difficulties. This is something that gets addressed in the program.


It’s normal to have a little discomfort when we stretch ourselves to invest time, money or energy into something. Part of this discomfort is our subconscious trying to protect us from any change in the status quo.


This is why I offer a complimentary session for women who are unsure and want to know more about this important decision. The session will help you get to know me and help you get clear about where you are right now, compared to where you WANT to be with your weight, eating and life. It will also give you a sense of what it would be like to have the support and guidance of an expert who can help you navigate the challenges of the difficult path of weight loss.


You will walk away from this phone session knowing whether your next best step is working with me or if it’s just not the right time for you to work at this depth and level.


You can get set up with a Crystal Clarity Empowerment complementary session HERE

Flexibility for the Busy Woman

This program is flexible and can accommodate what works best for you.


You can either increase the speed at which you move through the program or we can slow it down depending on you, your schedule and what is going on in your life.


It is possible to complete this program in as little as 12 weeks or as long as 6 months. It is really up to you and how you are doing with the modules and what comes up in your coaching sessions and your life.

"I was a bit reluctant to commit to the time involved in the Reset Program but I love the fact that you are not rushing through this with me, but taking each week as it evolves. To me, that is worth a lot because it shows me that you really care about helping me with my issues" - Sharon Oregon

How the Program Works

  1. First you fill out a comprehensive whole person eating assessment so you and your coach can better understand your unique situation as well as provide a baseline to monitor progress.
  2. Next you receive a module. Modules cover a particular topic and include information, skills to practice and simple homework assignments to integrate what you are learning.
  3. You then meet with your coach to assist in uncovering and removing obstacles.  These are in the comfort of your own home via phone.
  4. You will have another week to integrate the progress you made in the coaching session and to continue practicing the skills of the current module.
  5. One week later you will receive the next module.
  6. You will have email access to Christine Monday through Friday during work hours.
Each module includes a worksheet, home study, a food track, skill practice and a private coaching session to ensure you are moving forward with each module.
Module 1 Setting yourself up for Success
Module 2 Creating the Success Mindset
Module 3 Befriending your Body and Mind
Module 4 The How of Eating
Module 5 The What of Eating
Module 6 The When of Eating
Module 7 Accessing Your Body Wisdom
Module 8 Dissolving Cravings
Module 9 Dealing with Difficult Feelings
Module 10 Creating Long-term Support
Module 11 Preparing for Long-term Success

Over the course of the program you have ten hours of highly focused one-on-one coaching sessions. This is where this program excels.


These powerful life-changing sessions laser target your unique inner and external obstacles and challenges. This ensures you are able to implement the skills in your daily life. It means you are not left floundering with trying to implement the skills and changes.


Many people give up when they hit a wall, this program eliminates the wall.


Plus Your Bonus Package...


Access to menu's and 150 recipes that are in alignment with the metabolic eating principle PLUS a one year membership to this Meal Planner and Grocery Shopping List Maker

Make eating at home easier with this 'Reset My Weight' online planner. No more wondering what's for dinner or breakfast.

  • Large selection of preloaded recipes following the Reset My Weight principles.

  • Weight principles of high nutrient, metabolic eating.

  • Four weeks of menu's.

  • Automated grocery list maker and mobile shopping list.

  • Ability to automatically add recipes you discover online.

One extra hour of laser focused coaching at the end of the program to ensure you are complete and ready to move forward.

Successful weight release

What Past Program Participants Have to Say...

This program is a game-changer…
Two pairs of pants I couldn’t button and wear comfortably are now fitting. That motivates me to keep going a step at a time.
I had fears about spending more money on something that I wasn’t sure would work based on my history of trying almost everything else. I am grateful I ignored my fears and tried it
I initially decided to do the Reset Program because I saw myself losing control and slipping back into old habits. I did not want to lose the progress I had made, so I was willing to reach out in hopes that it would help me, and help me it has/you have.
 I didn’t think there would be enough value to what I would be getting. I believed I could get any and all information that I needed on my own through books, the internet and the Prevent Type 2 Diabetes class. I had no idea how good you were. I did not know that you had the depth and insight into working with my issues that you have exhibited with me. In my mind, you are extraordinarily understanding and insightful about issues. Whatever issues I bring up, you “get it” (get to the heart of it) right away.
You are more successful in this process than traditional counseling has been for me. I now believe wholeheartedly in coaches. I equate them it to the practice of hiring any professional…
I know you are not a therapist but what you do is truly remarkable. You are very good at what you do and have a special gift.
You have an amazing ability to get to the root of the problems. By the end of the sessions I am often laughing aloud and to myself at how ridiculous my thoughts are surrounding the situation we have looked at.
The shortest route to success is to find the right professional and tap into their knowledge. It’s their specialty. It only makes sense to tap into their vast knowledge and experience.
This has helped me heal decades old beliefs and patterns that have been holding me back.
I noticed I am laughing more often. Yippee.
I'm grateful I ignored my fears and tried it!


My Invitation to You

I hope by now you see the value in what you will be getting from this program.


It will be nothing short of transformational.


If you are not sure and would like to discuss the program and your needs before deciding you can set up a 15 minute phone chat with me by clicking on the My Calendar button below and pick a time that works for you. Let me know you want to discuss the program a bit more.

I look forward to connecting with you and serving you.


Warm regards and good wishes to you






P.S Don't forget if you are not sure you can always set up no obligation consultation with me by clicking on the button below to get to my calendar and pick a time to chat that works for you.

Whether or not we decide to work together, I am confident that our call will be full of insights and actionable steps that can help you.


Christine Lacedra

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