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Reset Solution Premium Coaching Program

This Program will empower you to explore your own unique relationship with food, your body and your weight. It will empower you to let go of fear, guilt and 'Be' with your body in a loving and respectful way.

With the principles that you will practice your body will begin to naturally release excess weight without having to rely on the mistaken ideas of dieting, restriction and excessive exercise.

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Private Coaching

Christine uses deep transformational work to;
1. Uncover and gently clear underlying blocks that are preventing you from reaching whatever you want in your life.
2. Tap into your ideal self so you can access personal power and wisdom to move forward with ease and grace.

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Wipe Out Sugar & Carb Cravings Mini Coaching Package

See the work we do around the world. Be inspired to join us on our mission to make the world a better place.

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Christine also offer the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved group coaching program

Prevent T2  (National Diabetes Prevention Program) for various groups and organizations. She is available to do this in person in the Lincoln County area of Oregon or online.

For more information about this program contact Christine via phone (541) 272 0124 or email her at

Weight loss plan

My Fresh and Zesty, Personalized Weight Loss Game Plan

This crisp bite-sized e-Course will skillfully guide you in preparing a vibrant yet effective weight loss game plan, that not only works for you but excites you.

It's time to go beyond drab cookie cutter weight loss plans...


Metabolic Reset

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Foundational Reset

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Transformational Reset

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