For Optimizing Your Metabolsim

Eat in Alignment with Your Body’s Natural Metabolic Rhythm


This is a very powerful strategy that will go a long way to helping you release weight more naturally. It uses the power of your metabolism and your body’s natural metabolic rhythm.


Counting calories can be a waste of time and energy if you are eating at the wrong time of the day. Why? Because we don’t burn calories very efficiently in the evening hours, which is the time most of us eat the bulk of our food and calories. By switching around when we eat most of your calories, your body can burn them up more easily rather than convert them to fat.


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Overview of Metabolic Eating Principles

The principle here is to follow the natural metabolic rhythms of your body so you are eating when your body is able to burn the calories you take in, rather than converting them to fat.


This is the 3rd principle of eating that the Reset Solution uses. With this 3rd principle you are eating high protein, healthy fat, low carbohydrate breakfasts and lunches and carbohydrate-based evening meals that are portion controlled and that also help you to unwind for the evening.


Eat as many non-starchy vegetables as you like, the more the better.