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With leading edge neuroscience to break free from food cravings, emotional eating and unconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

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Reset Key Metabolic Hormones

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So you can enjoy your life while releasing weight.

Reset Actually Changes Lives

"I am still trying to grasp all the positive changes that I have experienced with this program. I am incredibly grateful, Christine’s guidance has changed my life. She has the ability to focus in on the root of a problem, guide you gently to an understanding of how it manifested, and nudge you toward a healthier path. I have learned to accept myself as I am and more importantly to love myself unconditionally. Those two changes have made a profound impact in all areas of my life. I am excited about my future and moving toward optimal physical and mental health." Nancy K. Oregon


"Before taking this program I didn’t think there would be enough value to what I would be getting. I believed I could get any and all information that I needed on my own through books, the internet and the Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Class. I did not know Christine had the depth and insight into working with someone’s psychological issues around eating and weight. I’m having fewer urges to just eat whatever. I’m thinking more about nutrition versus “garbage” food that I’ve been drawn to for so long." Sharon A. Oregon


"What can I say, I’ve been struggling with a chocolate addiction my whole life. I was deeply ashamed of how I had no control over this and how I hid chocolate and binged in private. Now I am free of that pull. It’s like a miracle. It’s been more than nine months since the process and I now occasionally have chocolate and it’s no big deal. I no longer crave, binge or get into an addictive cycle. Wow!" Christine M. UK

"For many years now I’ve believed that the ‘right person’ comes into our lives at the ‘right moment’ for what we need right now. I have such gratitude that Christine has come into my life at the precise moment I needed her most. Her program and coaching is helping me to heal decades old beliefs and patterns that have been holding me back. Each time we work together I am amazed at the relief I feel after our session and new awareness I find about my body. I truly feel joyful and happy, full of endorphins, that course through my body and lift me up. I am improving steadily and at the perfect pace for me. Thank your Christine, for the valuable work you’re doing – and the lives you’re touching with this beautiful healing. I appreciate you!" Marsha H Oregon


"I’m on a high, I’ve really made progress, there’s a change in attitude and habits. I’m really happy about that. I am surprised at how less I choose to eat at one time now and how much stress I have let go off and how much I am slowing down and taking quiet time for myself. I no longer compulsively grab sweets when I am shopping for which I am grateful "EC. Oregon


"Speaking with you yesterday was the highlight of my entire day. I had this incredible buzzing sensation in my body for hours after we spoke. I felt so safe sharing with you, that is such a gift "- Nicha P. Virginia


"I love the process you took me through for my chocolate cravings. My mind is clear around chocolate. I haven’t been thinking about chocolate and I’m even avoiding my afternoon piece of chocolate or ten." Claire I. Florida

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